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        our wedding day

        Ah the moment I’ve been waiting for! Grab some wine and a snack because I’m about to write a whole lot! Our wedding day was the best day of our lives. I know so many people say that and honestly before being a bride, I was like eh you’re being dramatic. But for real, it was so magical and just so full of love. Tanner and I planned our wedding by ourselves (with no wedding planner) and had about a six month engagement.

        We both never thought we would be getting married right out of college but honestly we were so ready to start a life together and live together. I’ve always had people say I act or seem older than I am and honestly, I feel like it a lot of the time. Being married young is something I never thought I would do but now I can’t imagine anything different. We didn’t receive much judgement on that (which kind of surprised me) but I have had my fair share of being at the nail salon or somewhere public and someone saying “you’re married, how old are you?” Lol. It doesn’t bother me at all because Tanner and I have never been so sure of something and it just makes life so much better being married to each other. Some people think you settle down when you get married but honestly it feels like life has just started. Marriage is the best thing ever. I get to fall asleep next to my husband every night and be weirdos together every single day. How cool is that?! 

        Anyways, back to the wedding day. We had one rule for our day: for the people to have the best time. We wanted our families and friends to come together and just celebrate like crazy. Of course, design and pretty details were important to me but that was the most important thing. Our venue had a barn, which I never thought I’d get married at a barn, but it reminded us both so much of Idaho which is our special place and where my family has a second home. It had country vibes to it that we just absolutely loved. We wanted to add boho elements to it to make it more us so we had our florist incorporate dried florals and we scouted tons of vintage gold candle sticks and accessories from thrift stores and garage sales.

        My advice to brides who are planning a wedding: don’t get wrapped up in the Pinterest pressure. Lol, that is what I call it. When you spend endless amounts of time scrolling on Pinterest in hopes that your wedding, your style, or life will look just like these little squares. Honestly, I still struggle with this post wedding! There are so many trendy wedding photos on Pinterest that make it so dang easy to fall into the trap of making your wedding day all about the decor and look. It is far from that and I had to catch myself a few times and remind myself that this day is about Tann and I getting married and having everyone there to witness it! Trust me, I’ve seen a handful of weddings from this job. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love decor and pretty things but at the end of the day, that wasn’t what made the day incredible. It was the people and my husband and Jesus. Being a bride is so dang special so just take it all in and enjoy! 

        My favorite part of our day was walking down the aisle with my dad and the dancing. Walking down the aisle was so emotional in so many ways and getting to share that moment with my dad was so special then getting to see Tanner and him balling his eyes out (yep, it happened!) was priceless. The dancing was out of this world and if you know me, you know I love a good dance party. Seriously, I don’t think anyone wanted to leave. It was amazing! 

        This will forever be the best day ever. I love you Tanner J. 

        The most amazing vendors: 

        Photography: Kylie Morgan

        Video: Roman Howell Films

        Venue: Holland Ranch

        Dress: Moondance Bridal

        Suit: Mens Warehouse 

        Florals: Aurelia Florals

        Photo Booth: Tinker Tin

        Dessert: Just Baked SLO